Private Residence Home Elevators

I have come to realise our speciality is building elevators that people want to use, and would like an elevator that feels similar to what the expect an elevator to ride and feel like.
This usually requires a space that does not make one claustrophobic; and I will build to any size that you desire. 

Traction Elevators


  • Uncomplicated design

  • traction elevator

  • fewer moving parts (all moving parts ball and roller bearings)

  • Counterweight (Rolling counterweight)

  • High-rise elevator experience – quickness/comfort/feel

  • ‘Soft start/stop’

  • quicker install

  • no performance degradation over time; best value for the money

  • longest lasting; satisfaction guaranteed

  • sturdy feel in car/safe feeling

  • Easiest modification for capacity/speed/design requirements


  • Quicker

  • Double industry standard (2yr parts/4yr labour)

  • lifestyle

  • independence

  • mobility (for loved ones)

  • comfort (more living space)

  • larger car (*claustrophobia)

  • enjoy staying at home

  • improve home value (by up to 10%)

  • hassle free

  • convenient installation

  • value