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Introducing what Was haynes Modular Process

Modular Elevator Info

Why buy a modular elevator?



The “Modular Elevator” saves time in both the assembly and install portions of the elevator building process. In a conventional “on-site” shaft and elevator construction project you will experience the following:

  • Shaft Construction - minimum of 2 weeks, can be as much as several months depending on the size and complexity. The shaft needs to be built, and then often covered and heated to cure, or have internal work completed. this all takes time, and money that needs to be added to the overall cost of the elevator portion of the project.

  • Elevator Install, Testing, and Commissioning: Minimum 6-8 weeks for a 4 stop, often more. The longer the elevator constructors are on site, the slower the project moves due to the added complexity of the work environment.


In a Modular Elevator project, here are the scheduled production segments:


  • Shaft Construction - All done in our manufacturing facility and sent to the site completed and ready to install on the hoistway base that has been prepared on site. The shaft/hoistway can be lifted off the truck and mounted onto the base within a few hours.

  • Elevator Install, Testing, and Commissioning - This takes less than a week! With a Modular Elevator, you only have to deal with the elevator trades for about 1 week four your elevator, WOW!



Because we are able to build the entire elevator in a controlled environment, we are able to lower our costs and deliver a superior quality product for a VERY competitive cost, when compared to the holistic costs of a conventional elevator project


Building in a controlled environment has been proven to be far more advantageous when it comes to quality control, and repeatability. Modular Elevators are built in a process, that historically produces a better outcome than on-site construction practices. With this process, we can hit delivery dates & time-lines that traditional shaft and elevator construction methods are not able to.


The Elevator, is a stand alone structure, and being that it is a metal structure, it will NOT shrink like a stick-built structure will. We have designed into our package, the ability to adjust the hall sills in stick built applications for settling and shrinkage. this will help maintain a flush entrance and exit for the life of the structure.



















Environmental Impact:

The Modular Elevator is a greener option with less of a carbon footprint. The elevator is installed in a controlled environment and takes a fraction of the time. This equates to fewer workers traveling to a site for a shorter time period, and creating less waste and carbon impact. This also applies to the shaft, typically a shaft is poured or built and requires weeks of manpower on-site to accomplish a task that our team can preform in a shorter duration. The haynes Elevator shaft, is one way to positively impact the environment without spending costing you more money!



”Hidden” Costs:


Everything needs to be seen in terms of ACTUAL cost, and not list price. An elevator does NOT cost the $ 110,000 to install a 4-stop elevator into your project. There is the cost of the shaft, which often runs around $ 70,000 for a 4-stop when all is considered. This is still NOT the “actual” cost, when you consider the 8+ weeks of on-site install time, purchasing cycle, cash outlay, and lengthy timelines are all a reality in the conventional install process. Money costs money, and every day a project takes longer has a cost. If the elevator is the reason you cannot proceed in your project, or that you cannot obtain occupancy, then that cost needs to be associated with the elevator.

Ordering a modular elevator gives you the opportunity to have an elevator dropped into place and running within 2 days! This allows occupancy expediency, and cash-flow recovery rates that are favorable on the business side. This has a “cost-savings” associated with it that NEEDS to be considered!


We want to make your next elevator project as EASY as 1,2, 3!


1. COMPLEXITY - Conventional elevator construction practices pose challenges to the GC, and project owners because of the additional complexity introduced by having another high cost contractor on-site for such a protracted duration. Our modular solution can help minimize complexity on your next project

2. COMPLETION - Project completion is a considerable concern and challenge in our current market conditions. Companies with GREAT Completion records see positive effects in their cash flow, customer retention, new opportunities, and overall workplace moral. Why would you want to pursue an antiquated construction process, that is notorious for “holding-up” projects, and jeopardizing your company and reputation?

3.COST - Modular Elevators are more cost effective when all elevator costs are accounted for and considered. Modular Elevators positively affect Timeline, Project Complexity, and Cost.