Harold Haynes, inventor and creator of the haynes Elevator's first traction design in 1978.
He patented his technology in 2003, with the term, the Rolling CounterWeight.
It was only in 2003 that Harold saw how simply yet effective his earlier design indeed was, compared to anything on the market, and still simpler than anything even on the market today, with fewer moving parts that require maintenance.
Though several attempts were made to commercialize the market, in the 2000's, it wasn't until 2014 when Harold's son Robert boldly stepped in, to take on the elevator world, with the best elevator package. Robert's requirements for his new-found elevator were simply,
"it must exceed my father's expectation".
That today is the mantra for each and every elevator.
Today we brand two traction elevator designs, the more traditional counterweight, and our RCW, as it continues to be developed.

Harold Haynes

Harold's first elevator design was in 1978 and he secured a patent on the counterweight in 2003. The elevator design is in no way copied from any elevator on the market today, being much simpler and fewer moving parts that require maintenance.

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*please note

Costs and Requirements are not exactly as my dad portrays,

They may have been true in 2002 when he came up with the design and built himself, but they are not what we can do in 2020 

Robert Haynes

Robert brings 15 plus years Content Management and Business Analyst experience in the oil and gas industry to oversee the daily planning and working sessions of the company. Developing strategic direction, implement operational improvements for a profitable growth in the business. Robert enjoys volunteering, and was VP of a non-profit organization for 3 years in Alberta An eternal optimist by nature, encouraging and generous to everyone.